JR Marshall - Horse Trainer Fails Horse and Owner

Mount Airy, Maryland 0 comments

JR Marshall took our horse into training with an understanding of what was to be accomplished.He did not work the horse as agreed, did not train this horse to standards for 60 days, and lied to us on several occasions.

Ower was unable to visit due to surgery and when we were able, we stated that the horse wasn't making the progress we expected and gave him another 3 weeks. The horse was extremely friendly and not a bad bone in him when he went to the trainers, when he came home is was AFRAID of people ALL of us, and hardly made any progress in trainer. It has taken us 5 months to get this horse to trust people again and started his training ALL OVER again as though he is a green horse. This trainer refuses to provide any funds back but knows he failed us and this horse!!

I would not recommend him to anyone for traininer or farrier services.

He is rough and it is so obvious that he miss treats these horses and ruins a wonderful animal.I have witness statements and video clips to prove all this.

Review about: Horse Training.

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